Sunday, July 22, 2007

to my dear friends on the day of their engagement

DAY 12
just returned from an engagement party in Mosman
it was so lovely to catch up with them...
its just been way too long.
im just so happy Lanae has found a man ,who is kind and
connected to the things that are important to her.
so this is my day 12 photo..taken by Charlie 2.5years
at the party he did a great job.
hp into it,
but in not rushing thru it.50-60 pages a day
i just want it to last for ever..i cant believe its the last book
who values what a truely amazing person she is...
i love ya babe...


nikkihelen said...

About HP book, I know what you mean sad that it's the last one ever!! I couldn't pace myself though, I had to read it quick, but I did find that I was reading the last 60 odd pages or so slowly, but it
s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

tracey said...

ooohh that cheeky little smile...i bet you are still recovering from a fun and exuberant weekend - lucky its monday tommorow - recovery day one - lol...ready for next weekend

Donna said...

Hey Lisa - did you manage to get through your long list of scrapping this weekend??? I was thinking you might have a WHOLE HEAP of new pics up of all those journals etc - But - there is HP to be reading and that's way more important! I'm on backorder - bummer, will have to wait. How's the finger going???

miasmummy said...

Loving checkin your blog out! Just thought of a quick question for you, but now I can't even remember it!!! That's me for you! I'll come back if I can remember!!!

Nicole said...

Sounds like you had a great night.

good photo, hopefully Charlotte will be a good photographer too. Haven't let her near the camera again. She's too sick at the moment anyway.