Friday, December 07, 2007

day 147
look at these gorgeous children
so sweet ,angelic and cute
the apple of their mothers eyes.and then they go and do this
crazy kids
im just so lucky,i recieved a extra special birthday gift today oh my ,what goodies are inside .i soooooooo happy a huge thanks to the very generous women,who is celebrating her birthday today...yes the gorgeous melissa we wish you a fantastic day,and much love and joy to you my friend.the kids are sooo excited by there gifts...see above pics(there bands match the new costumes they have just got...peferctly i might add...

wow how many sagattarians are around wonderful friendly creative people.

maz ,chelle,mel,kyla,moi....and plenty more im sure..give us a shout if your a sag!
oh ,you know me sooooo well melissa........ i love these paints ,papers and super cool goodies.ive been spoilt
love the crochet flowers

the butterfly stamp
the magic witch note book
the font
and omg..the belly dancing layout
bling embellishments
and to top it off stunning bag
perfect for me!
thanks again MEL
and have a magical day .


binrow said...

WoW how beautiful is that bag, what a lucky witchy you are. Now lets see all the amazing work you'll create!


RubyRox said...

Wow what a beautiful bag and yummy goodies!! The photos are so cute!! :)

kayla renee macaulay said...

wow that bag is beautiful
I am a saggie to.
I share the same bday as Kyla (20th of Dec) Lol!

Love your work witchy you are so inspiring

Kayla xx