Sunday, December 23, 2007

day 163 folks...
a day closer to christmas..and a day to create
paul got up at 3.30am and asked my what i was doing..
creating of course...
heres what ive made in the last 15 hours...
with a 5hours sleep thrown in for good measure.
(would have been more,but bloody lawn mower
man arrived at 8.30am.on a sunday ...grrrrr)
oh this is a star boy,a symbol celebrating st lucia
day in sweden,all the boys dress like this..the girls with a
crown of candles ...devine
ive had him with me since my travels and
i so enjoy seeing his gorgeous face every festive season
I had to share him with you ..
the girls and i made
cookies and cream mini cakes today
....they are sooooo yum
a mini for my brotherfor evys friend bree...
wish the photo was better
i cant decide which one to give my bro?
which do you think?been working on my colour album makes me happy
a pressie for a friend who has everything and adores christmas

a canvas for a friend's daughters graduation...
wish the pics where better
well what can i back to my table....
oh damn pauls brothers coming for dinner..i wish i could hide away
for just one more day

i need some me time


lil witch said...

love the pics

Pamela said...

Happy Joy Happy,

Just sing Falalala lalala!

Jodie said...

you are a MACHINE, check out all that work.

haha listen to pam sing, perhaps shes had a few to many juices :P
hehe jks!

MERRY CHRISTMAS witchy, asti, evy, and paul :)

i hope your day is AMAZIIING :D


Melissa said...

WOW!You are just overflowing with creativity Lisa....

LOVE all these pieces - but hey - I LOVE all your beautiful art!

MERRY CHRISTMAS HUN - a little happy mail headed your way - for those gorgeous girls of yours!

tracey said...

mmmm..... AWESOME! ...bloody speechless -- or is that tired - lol-- don't stop now -- get back to your desk...let it flow -