Sunday, May 04, 2008

day 293...
and im one week closer to finishing the 12 week
'in my skin' challnege over at EMBELLISHED
this is week 11's submission....
the theme is hips and butts
my hidden journalling time as a belly dancer lasted 6 moths...i joined a beginners class ,but those ladies in the class were no beginers,so i struggled and persisted..when they started talking performace ...i was outta there...i love the shape of the belly dancers hips and butti use pages from the BAGDAVAH GITA for this layout
here is my very large pic of the day 293 for the 365 day self portrait challenge
a quicky but lots of about our lil boo boo peeps,shes so cute in this pic
the puuuuurfect pussy shot,dont you think?
one more to finish off with

hope you had a fab weekeknd...the kids are out skating with dad this arvo,and im feeling a lil guilty that im not out there taking shots,and supporting the man ,but i really needed to finish that embellished layout and get a few things done on the ,with 26 kids a day at work and 2 fiesty girls at home ,silence is such a precious commodity ..and i had to indulge today ..:)


Melissa said...

WOW WOW WOW!! i love each of these Lisa but the first one of the hips blows me away!!!!! You rock!

Michelle Jamieson said...

That hips L/O is totally awesome!!

Lovin'your other layouts to, but that first one is a WINNER!!

Be sure to sub that one!! ;)

Chelle Xx

tracey said...

lovin' your layouts lisa... i wanna see you belly dance at warana lovey...and the pussy is a poser... lol... gosh not long now till the 365 day challenge is almost over either...

Anonymous said...

Stunning work Lisa!

loving that pic of Boo looking at the L/O too :) What a gorgeous kitty!

Hope you enjoyed your peace!

Maz xx