Tuesday, May 06, 2008

day 295
here's my layout for skye's challenge on the sm scraproom
she provided the product and i had to scrap a secret
its a bit of a lame secret,but with 2 tweens ,i have to embrace it or go crazy.
anyway Scharpay rocks my world..
heres my pic of the day...close to that big 300.
what have you been up to today...?
i recieved 2 submission confirmations which made me pretty happy.
oh and its 9 days till we go to qld...yiippppeeee


Donna said...

oh yay yay yay!!!!!!!! Who's gonna publish you??? I knew it - I'm only amazed those mags haven't jumped on you earlier - but this is great news congrats!!!

Skye M J said...

:D I love this!!!
I too am a HSM Fan... I even saw it on ice... and I have no tweens, im just a 20 something with an eye for Zac Effron!
Congrats on the pubs!

Fulvia said...

beautiful layout!!!!

Louise said...

I agree with Donna!!!!

Lou xx