Friday, August 24, 2007

DAY 45
we were up a little early but had a slow start to our day,
we jumped on to the train at about 10.30 to head south
to Sydney,for a lightning visiting to some tourist spots...
hello,emmanuelle can not come all the way to oz and not
catch some sights.(erico has been here before)...
every train ride needs a mid morning munchies
asti's way to get thru ,the hour something train to sydney,
is to draw...she has a wonderful creative mind....

so we changed at hornsby and caught the north shore line,

getting off at milsons point and heading down the road to luna park.. loving these reflective shots of the laughing clown and the girls

emmanuelle and erico

these crazy mirrors at luna park help provide todays portrait pic

wow how awesome is this shot ...
taken under the harbour bridge ..
a wonderful moment caught thru the lense!

we spent some time around circular quay(sp?)
amazingly caught a few aboriginal musicians doing their
diggeridoo thing on the boardwalk ,got some fab shots ,
then jumped on a bus thru the city and out to bondi beach..
where else do you take euro guests ???
we are doing the reptile park tomorrow !
i have some gorgeous pics of emma and rico on bondi

then it was back to bondi via kings cross..
and hopped a train back to the central coast ..
a long day ,518 photos taken(thats just my camera) ,and a 2 happy but weary travellers,
2 exaushted children and me!


Tara said...

Awesome pics Lisa... I love the one with the reflection of Luna Park and the one with the Bridge in the background... Looks like you had an Awesome day!!!!

Pamela Godfrey said...

LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME WITH YOUR FRIENDS, todays picture is truely unreal.. I like I like.


Nanny_leilz said...

You caught some stunning photos here Lisa!! Beuatiful!! Hope you had a great day out! :)

Lauren said...

those pics look awesome, loving the luna park ones! Looks like you had a fab day!

Melissa said...

These are AWESOME pics Lisa...looks like lots of fun!
What a cute couple!

Michelle Jamieson said...

You all look like you are having a ball with your euro guests!

Great photos...looking forward to seeing these scrapped!

Chelle Xx

Jodie said...

what an awesome tour guide to have in you witchy :D
u show them the top spots and take awesome pics for them to remember the place by!!

glad ur all having fun.

Nicole said...

love that reflective pic, just gorgeous and very arty.

your daily is awesome, loved the mirrors when I went to Luna park, will go back one day.