Monday, August 13, 2007

daY 34
the early bird catches the worm...
for once im a few hours early to upload..
hope your enjoying these pics .
todays was taken while i snapped some layout pics
here is last nights scrap effort,
and mels package thats coming to wa this week...
i promise
afternoon delight uses my new 'stampin up' double rectangle hole punch ,
that im just loving so much..
looks like the photo was ripped from an exercise book,
im using it on nearly eveything at the moment
my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
todays ya like it????????


Melissa said...

Ok where do I start on this Post - firstly LOVE your mail art it's DIVINE...lucky me!!!!! YAY!
Secondly loving your LOs - always!
Thirdly PLEASE email me that pic of you I need to scrap it!!! LOVE it!
Hmmmmmm that's a lota LOVE!!!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING pages Lisa!! Thats some funky mail too!!

Your piccies are rocking! LOVE the collection you are making - all divine!


Lauren said...

hey Lisa!!
Those pages are awesome, dont forget your new punch on the weekend!! Might need to borrow that one!!

Donna said...

Ok - so I just want to say the same as everyone else - that pic of you is just gorgeous Lisa - and I had to do a double take - a Layout with no paint??? Are you unwell? Perhaps you should sit down :) Hey - how do I put that blinkie thingo on my site?

binrow said...

Wow witch love that punch what a great effect!!

Alishia said...

OH Thove these Lo!!!
I wondered how you got the page like it had been torn out of a note book... now i no!!!

Nicole said...

Your mail looks fantastic. Love the hi vis.

your pages, always stunning, love your punch effect. always wondered how people did that.

And DEVINE photo of a devine witch. LOVE IT.


tracey said...

DOH! is me for taking so lon g to respond-- and why did i not buy one of those punches on the weekend -- truly what was i thinking -- fab layouts miss witch -- truly loving them ---glad to see you are having fun with it-- and have found some kinda mojo - lol -- truly!

Tara said...

I Love this photo of you Lisa, Looks stunning... :)
And your LO's are always Awesome!

Ruby said...

Luvvin your page!!
Love the picture in this one!!
Your scrapbook pages are just amazing!!
<3 Ruba-looba!!