Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to work..the sun is shining the walk to walk is fresh but invigorating
there's a spring in my step ,because at the end of the week
I'm off to south Australia to catch up with some scrap cyber friends .
I've never been to Adelaide ,so another first for me in 2 months ,
first visiting Melbourne,now if i could just fund a
trip to Perth i would almost have meet all my cyber friends
and oh to meet those important internationals -one can dream

quote of the day
there are two ways to live your life
one is as though
nothing is a miracle

the other is as though
everything is a miracle

Albert Einstein


Kayla Renee said...

Have fun in Adelaide Lisa.
You are looking fabulous by the way!!! Size 12...WOOT!


Louise said...

Caaaaaaant Wait!! xoxo

Jaimie R said...

Enjoy SA Lisa, make sure you check out the Grand Hotel in Glenelg (my old watering hole when I lived there)

I haven't seen you for a bit, bet you look AMAZING.. I need to get inspired by you..

Say hi to Louise for me!!

And the scrapping is amazing anf funky fresh too (just like you!!)

Jaimie xoxo