Thursday, June 11, 2009


slowly on the mend ,missing a healthy body .
thru together these layouts after work today..need to kick start my mojo...
especially in the afternoon,because the evenings are so cold and
all i want to do is have an early shower and hit the sack..
my bodies trying to tell me something .REST.
go the transformation in these photos..
taken 15 months apart ...yay 4 me
miss Evy is running super hot with her camera atm..had to share this special shot
she's a wiz at the self portrait(aint all the kids now a days )
quote of the day
the day ,water,sun,moon,night-
i do not have to pay to enjoy these things

tinus platus
roman dramitist


chrisw said...

Love those harbour layouts Lisa,hope you are feeling better soon honey!

Nicole said...

OMG is right, wow look at the change in you. loving the latest. very cool, know what you mean about it being too cold to scrap too, flat out doing one LO a week at the moment

Sickness sucks doesn't it. I've had some horrible thing for the past 2 months, soooooooo over that.

Hope you're feeling yourself again in no time.


Jenni said...

Great LO's as usual Lisa, hope you get better soon

Jaimie R said...

Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" and also, you look AMAZING girlfriend! Missin ya.. Hope the girls are great.. would love to catch up xoxox

Ms Zane said...

love the comparison layouts!! woohoo You are one sexy chick!! Stick in there and be GOOD!!! xoxox

PS I am blogging!! woohoo

SkyeMJ said...

LOVE that photo of you mate - like i told you before, blue totally brings out your amazing sparkly eyes!

Hope you're feeling better!
Was Adelaide this weekend or next? Either way, hope it's fun with all the aero-naughty-cal engineering and stuff! ;)

Keep well chickie! xxxooo

caihly bear♥ said...

im commenting on a gourgeous gal (mwaah)she is so preety & gourgeous....... wait i alredy said dat your Dam rite.. BEAUTIFUL
i think this is the prettiest and lovleist and beauitufullist and all of da obve (crys) beautifull | caihly bear me out!!!

hailey said...

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