Friday, October 05, 2007

DAY 86
we have been out this evening..
after a long day at work ,it was out to celebrate one
of my very best friends birthdays .
(we are missing you so much)
so it was an evening of 10 pin bowling tonight
(its lisa's game ,she's so awesome at it )
i on the other hand am NOT,
but its fun to have a go,right !
but firstly a layout

a 6x 12 layout of my nephew Robert
with his raffle win from family day..the title is
" scrapping inspiration "
a pic with the girls..
moi,the birthday girl Lisa or LG to those who know her .
the the lovely Michelle ,recently returned from Paris oh la la ,
and my pink concert buddie,Tracey married to my school buddy Mark.
i just cant wait to scrap this photo above ..
i have a title in my head,,maybe a few in fact..
its such a warm wonderful photo.(AND evy took it ..she's a chip off the old block)
.and this is young love at the moment ..jason and lisa
oh so sweet,,you can see it in her eyes ,dont you think?she is sooo smitten,so loved
i'm just so happy for my girl Lise long single ..raising her gorgeous boy by her lonesome ,and now she is being romanced..awww AINT LOVE GRAND
this pics for you jodie
this is lisa's bowling ball..
she is addicted to kitty too

my sweet friend..
she truely is such a warm loving person..
i never in all my days have met a women who is so
friendly warm and generous to all those she knows and meets along the way..
a spirit like no other
happy birthday LISA


binrow said...

Looks like a tun of fun!!
Thanks for the Tag witchy, will be on to it tomorrow.


Ruby said...

WOW sounds like you had heaps of fun!! :) lol i LOVE the ball hehe... wait till Jodz sees it!! ;) i am LOVING your latest LO!!Very nice!! :)
Well, have a GREAT day!! :)

Anonymous said...

Knowing this same lady, Lisa G from an entirely different era than Witch knows her now, i would like to agree with her that she is the most adorable gal ever.
Happy birthday from me Lisa G.


PS: and such a gorgeous pic of her and her bo as well.. ;)

Jodie said...

noooooo way.
witchy i WANT that bowling ball...haha
steal it for me and rak me!! haha
no actually dont, its obviously ur friends ball.
but wow bowling balls cost ALOT HEY???

im sending it to hello kitty hell blog! haha!!