Tuesday, October 16, 2007

day 96


Michelle Jamieson said...

Love this pic of you!

Chelle Xx

purplecrazymum said...

This pic is beautiful!! Chin up - you know what they say "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger" and I think you're pretty strong!!

Cate xox

binrow said...

And through it all she keeps on smiling!! Your such a wonderful giving person never think less of your self and if all else fails hug your teddy!!!!

Oh and now I just have to come and visit because both you and Pam forgot to sign in my CJ!!YEAH!


Anonymous said...

These pics you are posting of yourself hun are amazing.. i love them!
I agree totally with Cate.. you are already strong.. so imagine what you will be after the universe has tested you!
That is all it is babe.. a test.. and you know what!? I think you will pass with flying colours, simply.. because that is the kinda chick you are!

~hugs~ there for you hun if you need. :)