Monday, October 08, 2007

day 88
a short work day today.
then a visit with marie ,after was baked some
cupcakes for her and the ladies in her ward

no visit is complete without flowers..
i love sweet peas
i was feeling a little lazy..paul is working till late tonight ,
the kids insisted on takeaway,which for us is SUBWAY

my daily pic...thanks evy..
i love your photos of me .mwah


tracey said...

Oh i am back and have just caught up with all your fabulous photos - how lush is that subway - bet it was yum.. I so love your layouts, you have been getting your groove on girl - lovin'it - and your photos of you are great - you might have to give mwah a few pointers on taken photos of ones self -- i take the crappiest foto of myself - thanks for poppin in to visit me on the blog - and i think you are way more busier than me...have a good day tommorow...mwah mwah mwah

Jodie said...

yum that subway looks yum
ive never got the salad only ever the rolls, sweet onion chicken is my fave :D yum.
love ur pics witch, i think i needs me a digi slr.
fingers crossed i get the job this week then itll be sweet!!!

binrow said...

Told you I would be back in the morning. lol

Great pics, by both of you talented gals.


Ruby said...

YUMMY hehe..
WOW i LOOVE that photo of you!! You are so phoogenic!!!
WOOO!!! Anyway have a FABULOUS day!! =]

Julie said...

Great pix Lisa - how yummo does that sub look.
Love that photo of yourself - you look radiant!!

chat soon
Julie H xx

Anonymous said...


Thats one of the most beautiful pics of you ever miss witch! Truly gorgeous!

Ive been thinking of Marie and praying for her health..


Nicole said...

Love sweet peas too. and Subway.

that pic of you is devine. and don't worry haven't forgotten you. Printed here and waiting.

OMfreakinG your pages are sensational.