Friday, October 12, 2007

DAY 92
flashback friday and photo of the day

this pic was taken at green cape lighthouse in 1969
do you notice the camera cover in my hand...
damn i was into photography even then.
i think my cheeks are the same
todays pic was taken at work.
( thanks mum robyn for permission to put up this pic)
this is JESS she is a delightful little chicka dee .
and she shared her clip with me today...awww
she a sweetheart.


Jodie said...

ohhhh soooo cute :)

Pamela said...

Hey Lisa,

What a joy it has been to catch up on your blog. Loving the pics.

Ps You may see me today, you may not might be up that way I haven't decided yet.

Lauren said...

I love those pics Lisa,
They are awesome.....

Ms Zane said...

aww what a Cutie Jess is!! :) I love checking out your different photos every day! YOU are aweseome!