Sunday, November 16, 2008


howdy folks,how's your weekend been ????
mine has been super busy ,on friday i went for a swim with the kids..
the water was awesome.we then went to the local school fair in the evening and
i would show you some shots but i haven't edited them yet ,so you ll have
to make do with this lots from the weekend.
the kids have been in and out with parties and friends,while i hung out
with georgie and jesse doing girlie /scrap stuff.lots of fun for's
some layouts to share..
this first one...well it looks pretty ,but the underlying message is a bomb..
you'll have to click it if you want to read the juice......

spending time with these two lifts my spirits and warms my heart
this is georgies gorgeous sister jes,yes a twin ,
and she straightened my hair today ,what a good job she did
thanks J love ya
her equally stunning sister G ,my wonderful weekend scrap inspiration ,my friend..this weeks effort surpassed all expectaions Georgia are a master to me babe.your work so delish and magical everytime .your my inspiration G love you so much
after you leave here girls ,go visit Georgie ,todays blog is sublime

another layout for lil old me
and this ones for donna for melissas swap..
for those in the know you'll be able to find it ,you know where
her theme ...
i confess.........................................................

the journalling is underneath this fold...
hope you had a wonderful weekend folks..i have a 4 day week this week,and then im off to sydney for 2 nights for my birthday...i'm excited


Dee said...

Your layouts are just soooo stunning! Love your work!

Georgia}]............ said...

aww your my hero ...lisa
your mind
your face
your smile
your eyes
your soul are the brightest in the darkest of days u with all my heart
i am everything i am because of u

p.s brendan says he loves me too lol ..( cause on my blog i wrote a lol bout him)

Anonymous said...

You are the happiest scrapper I know and I am always inspired by you to try harder, to get to where I want to be! Stay in front of the camera, please!

binrow said...

Oh that last shot is wicked, what sparkle there is in those eyes....
Colour, colour, colour you brighten my days in this place lacking in the brightness that I so adore.


Cricket said...

Fabulous layouts!


Felicity said...

I am INSPIRED!!!! My creative has been gone for a few days.. and thanks to your inspiring creations, I might have returned!!!
LOVE your LO's!!!
Have a good week
felicity x

Natalia.B said...

love the mess of the layout lisa! that's really cool.. hmm school fairs! can't wait to see those pics.. love school fairs.. brings back high school memories back in sydney.. lol :D

Renee said...

Your layouts are always so stunning. I really love the "you'll always be my baby" layout. Just perfect!!

merryheart2 said...

i am so sorry about your broken heart!

so glad you had fun with your sisters. i didnt know you are a twin. cool

SkyeMJ said...

What's this about a broken heart?
Are you ok lovely lady?

I came by to tell you i've 'blog awarded' you... but now I am just hoping you are ok...

Your LO's are continuing to inspire! You really do work magic!


Deb G said...

oh, Lisa. I am worried about you now. Really...I hope you know that you are beautiful...and a shining have a beautiful soul and are worthy of unconditional love and respect.
..but you have to believe it too....
Ill be thinking of you....xxoo

Melissa said...

You already know what I think gorgeous girl...
Life is hard...
You are radiating...stunning!
Love Melis X

naomi said...

Hi witchy, loving the LO you beautiful soul... sorry I haven't popped in for a while have had my butt on fire... Miss you and your colour so I have bit the bullet and poppped in for inspiration and guess what... you provided all that and more.
love naomi x

smauge said...

Hey Chicky - You are the lucky recipient of a Blog Award! Check my blog for details!

Nicole said...

hey gorgeous self, love the works and those pics.

Hope you're feeling great, now get out there and shine.