Sunday, November 30, 2008

shalom friends in cyber world .
how's your weekend been happy people.
we've been a little busy today ,a dash to sydney .
thanks to unki micheal sourcing me a sari for miss evy at pendle hill.
so off we drove this morning,its about 1.20 mins down,
and we were happy to be able to come home with a gorgeous lime green sari...
so why do we need a sari?
well miss evy graduates from primary school in a couple of weeks and ,
lets just say that our little girl isnt interested in formal wear..
she is an original ,our little girl and she had it in her head that she wanted to wear a sari...
so we looked and it wasn't as expensive as i thought it would be .
thanks to the sweet ladies at
Gudia collections 02 96366187
who were ever so helpful ...
now look at my devine little princess
(oh excuse the wrapping of her sari in this shot.
it was just a trial run thru when we got home )
omg ..i almost exploded when i saw the array of colours available
one must have the right accessories
and shoes of course
so she has a long skirt underneath,then a shirt also
and finally the sari which is over 5 metres long...

i have one very happy

and grateful child......:):)

after all the fun of the city here a couple of layouts
from last night and this afternoon,miss georgias been
here scrappin up a preverbial storm.
inspired by the gorgeous colours i feasted on today
look at my hair there, it gets bloody everywhere.
one for georgies bestie miss emily,champion in many sports ,particulrly TDK ,
super cute and if she ie Gs bestie ,she must be made of a little magic .
aint she cute ,this hippy chick

and what would a weekend be with out a shot of my absolute
favourite 16 year olds in the whole world
there my sisters.........
i hope your weekeknd was super dooper.
mine was a bit special in its own way too :)


Anonymous said...

I am surfing the net as we speak looking for a sari! I will be going to New York next week and it is on the TOP of my list. Your daughter looks wonderful in her lime green and the embellishments and shoes are perfect!

Princess Tamara said...

LOVE the sari - that's what Kelsey wants too! She looks fab.

smauge said...

That sari is divine - I want one!

Donna said...

So good to see a girl who walks to the beat of her own drum - refreshingly gorgeous and what a trend setter - have a fantastic graduation my dear - you look beautiful!

merryheart2 said...

what a beautiful sari for a beautiful girl. congratulation to her on her graduation. she is a true individual like her mom. so cool!

i love the layouts. great inspiration on the colors from all those beautiful saris.

have a great day!

binrow said...

Hi Witchy, have been a little out of sorts but getting back on track a bit now.... Think of you and your little ladies lots there are so many things here like saris and stuff that bring you to mind. Have checked out your work, keep the colour flowing hey I need it!!

Heids xx said...

gorgeous as always miss witch! I LOVE your hair btw!! Your LOs are fab and OMGosh!!!Q Evy looks beautiful in her sari!!
luv ya chicky!! xxx

Renee said...

Oh wow!!How divine are the colours in those sari's. And that layout is just perfect as always.

Deb G said...

ooooo... I want you to be my Mummy too...that sari is amazing!!!!
I tagged you lovey:)

Natalia said...

oooh... the color rocks!!

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