Thursday, December 04, 2008

its blog tag and award time lovelies

thanks to the special people who deam me worthy of any award
and who share some tag love too
lovingly tagged me with the 6 things tag

The Rules are:
1. Add a link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. List 6 random things about yourself
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
5. Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog

1. i 've dropped 2 dress sizes in the last 2 months .yay fav authors are Clive Barker,John Wyndam and Paulo Chello
3.triple J rocks my musical world
4.haviannas,in all the colours of the rainbow are my summer shoes of choice.
5.i hate talking on the phone , poorely lit movies and soul suckers.
6.i dream to live in spain during my lifetime .
..i know they are a a little lame,but ya get that .
presented me with the special award

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and another ART AWARD
{watch out i'll get a big head.hehehheee}
The name of the game is to spread the love to 7 more
bloggers so I am going to share this with

and one more from miss G
this one was posted to me a while ago and ive finally got around to it
sorry G
i love your blog too.

so i want to give a shout out to my fav blogs
i wonder who they could be?????
Georgia what can i say ,i get to share time with her creating and being inspired by her
,she has amazing technique her work is utterly wonderful turning paper into works of art
all this from a 16yr old,she so deserves these award.
Gina .....funny,kind,whitty,arty ,whats not to love.a girl away
from her homeland in a country close to my heart.
Nataliab....omg..superb surreal amazing attention to detail and beautiful photos to feast upon
Regiane...pure fun,fresh ,delightful devine work,she is a fantastic place to visit if you want to get inspired by colour and fun.bellisimo
Louise N ..cutting egde scrap art,breathtaking sentiment ,her use of minimal product and journalling takes scrapping to its most primal ,fantastical level and it leaves me mezmerized
Donna J ,you know her,she is kicking the canvas world .
texture paint and delish pieces that inspire the artist within.
these ladies inspire me atm moment in a big way
so im giving them all these awards.

and to top the awards off ,congratulations to my beloved possums at work..18 of whom graduated last night .awww wish i could share ..but confidenciality and all that so all you get is me ,what a suprise...i got some fabulous shots of the children with miss Ms' canon 40D wow i want one of those....this one not so great ,but here's 2 i can share ..this is miss Roxy,she's one of my work buddies and i just adore i do all my work collegues

gorgeous miss Kirsty and super sweet miss Debbie too.umm as you can see i missed the internal staff memo,

regarding clothing colour choice for the evening .


Dee Molina said...

hey hot stuff, its been ages.. MUAH to you and yours...

Natalia said...

I can't agree more with you on the havainnas.. it's the one thing that I always have with me during trips.. even to the office and in the car.. we need a break from those heels!

Donna said...

Hey Lisa - thanks for the shout out my dear - very appreciated :) You are just blooming right now - you are on such a positive path - it really shows in you and all you put your hand to. And btw - love the photos *wink* XD

Louise said...

Sheesh Girl, Im speechless....THANK YOU!!!!!

Lou :)xxx