Wednesday, December 17, 2008

festive cheer friends

ok so my scrap mojo isn't happening in a big way at the moment...but considering
my mind occupied with so many all know what in talking about ,i'm sure ...
its this time of year...the silly season so to speak.but im not letting it get the better of me ,just over a week to chrissy and i havent put much thought to it to tell you the truth..i have a few of the secondary gifts for the family..but the kids,oh my kids are so sweet ,
they dont want for that much ,god bless their sweet souls....
so for the last week ,work has engulfed my life...
christmas parties for the kids(we hire the local play centre and get santa in for the night )
staff party last night ,always a super blast to hang with my work buddies....
wonderful company conversation(those puppies lots of laughter ....
art class to teach ,and st marys christmas concert.....but first before i share some pics from tonights chrissy concert ..ive been doing some simple photo shoots with friends and families that i know ,just a bit of fun ,a gift for my friends chrissy,,hehehehhe heres a few pics from this weekends shoot with a family from my centre...i just love shooting portraits,but boy ,when they say dont work with children ,i do think they were specifically talking about miss 5 in these shots,she was very uncooperative ....hhheehehehe i had to bribe her with a go of my camera (she shot the top shot of me in this post )and a game of hide and seek.(its all in the technique folks )

st marys christmas concert

always lots of fun
great to see the teachers get in on the singing of carols

my girls always have a blast together (yer right .lol)

these yr 6 girlies head off to high school next year....
tabitha and evy shakin it
morgan and evy
choir time (doesn't evy look really enthusiastic )
asti riley and brit
and a special treat for me was to catch up with the totally stunning Tan.
for 2 yrs i looked after her charming boy Bailey .he is now,,7 .and a bean pole ..hehehheh

and as the sunsets ,i thank asti for snapping this gorgeous sunset on the bridge on the way home..the colours mmmmmm sooth my senses...hope your day was good too folks


Donna said...

Have been checking in on you and wondering when you were going to come up for air... Hope you are finding peace in the 'in-between'spaces - the little moments of quiet. BTW - yours and my mojo must have fled the country together. They could be anywhere by now...

Louise said...

Take it easy my friend!!!