Thursday, December 11, 2008

congratulations miss evangeline harmony
(yes im a bit of a hippy at heart )

my eldest child ,my darling Evy graduated from year 6 yesterday..
im such a proud mummy,evy is such a wonderful confident child,she is well liked by her peers and the teachers and she has been an asset to her school for the last six years .
she takes from st mary a sense of catholic values and community spirit ,a tolerance and acceptance of different peoples,a social network that will support her in her coming years in high school,an great educational portfolio to formulate as a foundation for her coming years and of course cherished memories that will stay with her always .

and she is just so damn cute(sorry thats the mother talking )

my beautiful girl
some photos from the evening
these boys are soo much fun,,super polite and a wonderful posse of friends
some of the young ladies...doesnt my girl just shine
a few besties
tabby ,evy and cailin
riley,jonah and luke
and i need to thank miss georgie for taking care of asti while we attended Evy's Grad

YES...BLOG HOG HERE.hehhehehehehehe


Renee said...

Your daughter looked absolutely gorgeous!!

Renee xox

SkyeMJ said...

I must say Miss Evy's mum shines just as bright in those last few photos!

I just love your daughters sense of style! She looks fab, and unique and I completely applaud her for her choice of sari!


P.S - Harmony is such a cool middle name!

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Aww she does stand out and she looks stunning hun :) And i must add "Great Photography" xx

Nicole said...

Congrats Evy.

Lisa, she is gorgeous, you're going to have to watch those boys when she's older.


so what did you think???

Ali said...

OMG she is such a stunner - that sari is GORGEOUS!! and i totally agree with skye - you look absolutley devine Lisa!!


Donna said...

Hey Lisa - you and Evie are sooo much alike - I bet you get that heaps! Big congrats to your (not so) little girl and all the best for a future filled with adventure! X Don

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

Oh wow Witchy how gorgeous is your girl.... and I so love her dress... hey you look really good in those photos actually gleeming :)

Louise said...


:) x

Tara said...

So you should be a blog hog!! You look amazing Lisa, so happy and vibrant!

Well done Evy on graduating grade 6 :-)

Ms Zane said...

OMG!! Congrats gorgeous girl - and that goes to BOTH of you!!!!! Witch you look AMAZING!!! I am so proud!! Evy darling I am sending you the biggest hugs from the middle of the ocean! Wish I was there to give you both one in real life!! xoxoxoxox

- Evy. said...

Thanks Everyone.
It Was A Really Fun Night
I Loved Everyone's Outfits &+ They Loved Mine Too.

Anonymous said...

You looked beautiful Evy, on your special Grad night. Really Love the colour of your Sari xxx

OMG.... It's off to High School next year for young Evy.

Alice said...

Wow she looks stunning witchy and a HUGE congrats to her!
Wow off to high school next year! How exciting for you both!

I must also say how gorgeous your eyes are! The colour is amazing.

Melissa said...

Congrats to one GORGEOUS girl! You looked fabulous Evy! What a stunner!

Lynette van Barrelo said...

Did you get your eyes to match your dress?

Yes, your daughter is gorgeous. You are so much alike!

Congratulations Evy!

Steph Devlin said...

Hey Beautiful, congrats to Evy - doesn't she look just stunning !!!! Thought I would drop by and say hi, miss chatting at SISTV,and wanted to see what you have been up too. Your work is absolutely gorgeous Lisa, I get so much inspiration from you, you just needed to know that. I really enjoyed looking at your art.
Have a blessed day.
Steph xo

lyn said...

wow witchy, Evy Looks absolutely FAB!! she definately stands out beautifully in her crowd! loving all teh bling she wearing too, congrats to you both hun, an amazing milestone, you look stunning to by the way, a very proud mama :)
belynda xo

tracey said...


AND THAT BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER OF YOURS IN HER BEAUTIFUL SARI IS DIVINE - congrats evy - i hope you had a fabulous grad and enjoy the next part of your journey....

you too witchy- i hope you are enjoying your journey too..