Saturday, December 27, 2008


WELL ive been a visiting bestie..oh how i miss her being so close...

but life moves us in different directions and we change priorities and then its been ages since you have spent time with those special people in your life..

today i made time to go catch up with my buddie Pammy .

and with the kids ,we walked over to pams mums house while the kids took a swim.....

summertime =swimmimg time in our about you ???

so glad to get these fab shots with pammy and myself

pam they are reduced ,so send me a email and ill pop the full sized ones on a return for you.i have 3 emaill addys for you.hehehehhehehe

pams gorgeous boys ..this is lochie who starts big school kindy next year ..
and gorgeous Jack...melter of hearts already

and big boy harry ..clown at photo time .lol
finally some scrapping...but just a pinch trying..i tell you..
my mojo has gone on holidays with out me

finally dont forget to check out the last week of the gallery 12 challenge
this weeks challenge is self portrait
hope you spent some time out in this beautiful day


Heids xx said...

you just get more gorgeous girl!! Your hair straightened makes you look younger and ever beautiful!
Luv ya chicky!! xx

Tanyah Payne said...

lovely pics of you all!

Looks like you had a fab time together!
Take care and Hope you have a Happy New year.
luv tanXx

SkyeMJ said...

Great pics mate!
You and Pam just shine in photos together! You can really see the love there!

Also, you are looking so shiny and healthy lately! Go you!

Happy new year gorgeous lady!