Sunday, December 21, 2008

seaside family
been doing family shoots again...this time for my friends who live at the lighthouse
a wonderful afternoon and some truely special photos..(with the 500 i took i have edited down to the best 250,,yipppeee).im so happy ,thanks to miss muareen for the lone of the Canon 40 D..omg 400 just doesn't cut it...gggrrrrrr i best start saving my pennies cause im so coverted.hehehehhehemaybe a few lottery ticket should be in my future.

this is a commision piece for a friend from xmas ,

its in a gorgeous frame now and looks stunning..

hope you had a great day ..i know i did for no sleep at all after a BIG night out with paul and his mates for Jason's 30 th birthday...heheheheh im not so young anymore,so the midday nanna nap was essential so i could perform for the shoot.hehehehehhehe


lyn said...

hi witchy,
loving your photos atm, did a great shoot with the little girl. keep up the good work, hope your mojo returns soon..take care hun
belynda xo

Donna said...

Look at you! Stylin' up miss witchy poo! Been a while since we've caught up - hope you're well. I hope your christmas is all you want and need it to be - right htere with those two gorgeous girls - what a blessing! Love ya, X Donski