Monday, December 08, 2008

the boys are back in town
the boys from melbourne have been in town this weekend..
my best buddie from school and his brother here for a family reunion
a lightning visit so to speak ,now back to sydney tonight
to enjoy the festivities of oxford street,wink.
then a flight back home tomorroww...of course Lee and Ryan fit a overnight
in here with us and i was so happy to see them both ....

my best buddie from school
ummm this is what we look like after 3 hours sleep
brother ryan( no he is not a clergyman)

and now some art..well of course with visitors nothing really got completed this weekend
but on friday i started this for ms zane, she is in desperate need of happy mail scrap i pulled this together,its not quite finished ,but almost .

hope you had a good one


miasmummy said...

Love your love for Ms Zane, looks fab!! xx

binrow said...

OMG that is amazing and Ms Zane will cherish it so much... I checked out her blog the other week and I can so relate, I have lost my way and my body!! (comfort eating at the moment) and so need to get myself back on track. I'am so happy to see you changing, 2 dress sizes WoW and even your face shows it. Stop my blabbing now...

SkyeMJ said...

That is an amazing example of the vibrancy of your work! And I'm pretty sure it will bring some vibrancy to Ms Zanes life!

I'm so glad you had an awesome weekend with your Melbourne friends, Melbourne people rock! ;)


Lynette van Barrelo said...

Ok... I think you are my new hero!

Ms Zane and my first born share a name!

Louise said...

Oooh Ms Zane is one luky Girl, its FABULOUS SW!!!!

Ms Zane said...

OMG - Ms Zane sigining in!!! Imiss all of you soooo much - but Witchy you know how much I miss you and then times it by 1000 thousand!!! I struggle one day and excel the nec=xt but I am still here!!

Currently sitting in a restaurant for crew in St Marteen using the fre internet for the first time in forever to ctach up and drinking a pina colada...

Tears pouring down my face at the thought of getting a scrap present from you - this is sooooo beautiful...

God - you bet your socks I'm comimg to stay in April when I get home - I have to see you!!!

To everyone else its witches scrapping, love light and spirit that makes her the BEST we are all blessed to share inb it!!