Thursday, December 25, 2008

hope your day has been a very special,family fun filled event.
we have had a quiet home day , with pauls brother joining us for a yummy lunch.
tomorrow its my families day at mums ,with my brother and family joining us from sydney
always a blast to catch up with them,cant wait to
see the cousins and the kids are super excited too

just a couple more portrait shots for the gallerys challenge this week

so last night it was church for us...the best
service of the whole year..the childrens christmas litugy is such a beautiful celebration .
my girls both played parts in the service ,and its devine to see them celebrate the christmas spirit so beautifully ,with their friends,with their school chior ,in their church ,
remembering the joy that is christmas and the birth of christ

anf d finally id like to thank my gorgeous sister lisa
for straightening my hair this evening , mwha babe .

have a fantastic boxing day friends.


AGA said...

Merry Christmas Lisa! all the best to you and your family in the New Year :)
Aga xx

chrisw said...

Merry Christmas Lisa to you and yours happy holidays Honey!