Saturday, November 08, 2008

salutations friends...
hope your weekend is going well.
poor miss evy has come down with the sweats ,
a headache and is in fetal postition,
little chicken is not a happy camper
so that cancels out tonights trivia night with my work buddies:(
i'll be here manning the google toolbar.heheheh
and keeping an eye on my precious one
.finally i got back to the desk today to finish off Georgies layout
here ya go G ..i so so love that photo.hope ya like it
finally another cj down ..yippe
this is ruby's cj for scrap room theme
my title ...un organised Kaos
the qUote on this one is..
it's not the scrap room thats important ,its what you do with it that counts...
my journalling
so this is my scrap room,the dining table ,always set up
always in kaos,rarely organized.this very much reflects in my art pieces..

so ive been playing with some new shots...
a little overexposure to hide my attrocious skin tones,hehehehh
ive been a bit focused on myself in the last 2 months,trying to get myself on track,
[seeing as ..omg ,i turn 40 on the 25th of this month]
trying to be a little healthier,exercise,cutting out the junk and eating well.
it seems to be paying off a little,as im now 10 kgs lighter as of last week
and i'm feeeling focused ,and on the right track.
had to share ,im wondering if you can see it in my pics.
cause its just now that im staring to notice a little change.
heheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im a happy scrapper atm ,
mojo and focus is a gooood thing

please send some healing energy this way to miss Evy
she really wanted to stay at Maddies(her bestie)
this weekend but couldn't due to her illness.
doesnt she look devine in her uniform for highschool next year ..
we grabbed some things yesterday for her impending year
omg ,i nearly have a highschool student ...
whats happening in your world folks ????


Georgia}]............ said...

gorgeous pages lisa
hope you feel better evy lov you
thanks for those beautiful words


binrow said...

Evy we are sending u our bestest desert hugz to make u all better, especially big ones from Kalin!!
wishing u all better soon..
Erin, Regan and Kalin...

Lauren said...

your looking GREAT witch!
Hope Evy is feeling better soon...

Miss cath said...

It is scary having "almost" high schoolers isn't it! My eldest is off to high school next year too.
Loving your work - as usual gorgeous pages

Sheri said...

love the pages witchy
and gorgeous photos!
aww poor Evy! high school!! hope she does well and she looks gorgeous in her new uniform :D

Anonymous said...

Poor Evy! I hope she is feeling better!

Gorgeous layouts Lisa! And a huge well done on your wellbeing tour. 10kgs? Thats mighty impressive!