Wednesday, November 05, 2008

just quiety now...heheheheheh
over at SIS forum...hehheheh
super dooper excited ,a big thanks to
MISS NIKKI PETERSON for selecting my latest heart canvas
as a worthy catwalk piece...happy happy joy joy

and a big congrats to miss georgie for making the catwalk this week too..yippeee G
here's a peek at a layout im doing just for you .mwah


smauge said...

Well done Lisa! Well deserved.

Georgia}]............ said...

omg we are on together we are the catwalk queens or witchs in your case lol you tought mee everything i no

the reason i scrapbook is you so when you congratulate me on my work you should really thank yourself you are an inspiration miss lisa

Georgia}]............ said...

omg i love love lovvve it

Lauren said...

well done AGAIN!
Awesome news to you and Georgie!

naomi said...

You go WItchy.....congratulations
love me

Anonymous said...

I love your work! I hope you make it to the end of the runway or in this case, scrapway!

Natalia said...

hey.. YAY!! Congrats..!! Happy for you.. I'm sure it made your day..! :D
btw.. thank you so much for your comment on SiStv gallery.. thank you so much for your support Lisa :)