Friday, November 02, 2007

DAY 113
so i went to sydney...
sooo sorry pammy didnt get to go,
stoked lochie had his mummy with him.
and i was so lucky to be able to do a class with
the wonderful ,talented and totally cool CELINE NAVARROW.
myself with Celine,Louise Nelson and Jamie my fabulous coastal buddie

im off to check out my goodies and take a real look in my wallet.

guess what im doing this weekend?


miasmummy said...

You Rock me baby!! Can't wait to see the produce of your weekend!!! Sounds like you are gonna scrap up a storm!!!
Love across the miles for Marie.....

Ms Zane said...

*woohoo* It came and you went! I hope the day was all you wanted and more my friend.. I can't wait to see your awesome creations!!!


Anonymous said...

Cheeky things... sounds like you had a wonderful time with Celine xx

Bucket loads of thoughts and well wishes for Marie. Its Just so sad that she is so frail xxx and hugs to you all as well xxx

Pamela said...

Glad to see you guys had such a wonderful day. I am so stoked for you and looking forward to my private lesson from you on this indian silver technique, of to Eckersleys and Bunnings today

How is the darling Marie, I hope she is resting up and she feels much better shortly.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Great to see you had such a fabulous time and met Celine. Love the pic you showed us last night of the shopping to get me my supplies for it, today!;)

Hope Marie is doing ok, today!

Chelle Xx

tracey said...

oh wowwyyyy - i can see what a wonderful time you had - and make sure you get lots of bargains -- see if they will barter with you -

Donna said...

OK - what did you do? I'd love to hear more about the class/es Looking forward to seeing some new styles this weekend Witchy. Waiting waiting!!!!

Jodie said...

ohhh so cool.
how adorable and fun does celine look!!!
so glad u had fun :)