Monday, November 19, 2007

day 129
this is Cams
Darren to others and
when i came home this morning,this friend of almost 32years(or there abouts)
was sitting on my lounge...YAYYAAAAAAAA.
omg ,you know how, we have that special friend ,who help you laugh
your way thru primary and high school.~he really could do stand up
~and if he was with parksey and watson look out ,you would wet your pants laughing...
we were in the same crew thru high school,
im stoked ,whenever he is 'home' in australia ,he always drops in
well its been about 2 years or so since his last visit..
and im just so happy to see him and hear about his adventures...
when we left school ,cams went off to Melbourne University to do ,
a science of photography course...all encompassing..4years ..
well ,when he finished he decided that he would
"take a slow boat around the world"..
he went up thru the center of australia,out thru darwin on a boat
and thru south east asia...after hopping from islands to mainland ,he discovered
CAMBODIA,and he has been there ever since..thats almost 14years ..
he has worked teaching english,taking photos of cambodian
artifacts for the gov.lots of different photo gigs
(ya should see his melbourne band photos of the early 90's)
and finally he got into advertising...
now a feature film with himself behind the camera is happening soon,
in Burma ,no less....
jetsetter,Photographer~yep he's single girls~a totally hilarious wit,
well read,a friend and a really good bloke..i was stoked to catch up~
he is only here for 4 days!
over for a christening ,which he is the godfather ..he suprised his
mum and didnt tell her he was coming...awwww.
thanks for dropping by Cams...and i really wish i could come to your
housewarming of your new house in phnom penh....january 26....
ill be there in spirit mate ,as you know it is australia day
after work we caught up again for a shake
and a photo of course
photo of the day part a and b

for todays photo ,i couldnt decide .
go how green my eyes are in this shot.
i like these both
thanks Evangeline ..xoxoxo


Michelle Jamieson said...

Isn't is awesome seeing old friends...Cam must be very special to you!! Bet it was a blast seeing him!

Chelle Xx

tracey said...

wow - look at you - i just checked out your last two posts too - they are gorgeous - you must be in your groove thing at the moment - must be all the visitors you have had of late - lucky you -- hope you had a great day - sounds as though you did -- and loving your scrapping--- i wonder if your beautiful daughters have taken your camera as their own yet??? they have been taking some beautiful shots for you -- catch ya