Thursday, November 29, 2007

day 139
what did you get up to today folks?
work for me tired and im going to make myself
go to bed before ..ummmm 11pm
let see if that happens !
a big thanks to some fabulous RAKers who have
shared some wonderful items
(scrap made items and scrapstash too)
with lil old me ..
so thanks so much for my Rak from ALI aka miasmummy
and virginia ,for my freakin amazing handmade concentina album
starlight for my handmade album of quotes
and chelle for my pay it forward,
who made the most gorgeous charm bracelet .
im just so grateful to all you fabulous folk who had me in your thoughts.
special blessings to you all.
witchy xx


Jodie said...

hey witchy.
well i spent the day in bed, same with yesterday, damn sick gastro bug, nocked me hard.
anyway so glad that some raks are shining your way, your so deserving :D
and holy crap where is that block of chocolate from a few posts back and where do i get one?? lol


virginiaw said...

Hey Lisa,
Took my DD who is 33 to the dentist(big sook).And got heaps of pressies for Darling grandson Isaac who is 1 tomorrow..Well today now.I want one of those blocks of choccie too..How sick would ya be after that.Let me know how you liked the card ..its the prototype for my Chrissie ones..Well have a great day tomorrow(today) I'll be having birthday cake..LOL..

binrow said...

Hey witchy have had bad headaches all week been in bed by 6.30 every night!! The quacks say its my back and neck so need to go and get that sorted. Kalin and I scrapped today, he is so funny I think he scrapped him self more than the paper but at least I got a layout finished.