Sunday, November 18, 2007

day 128
and firstly a big sorry to Karrin for not making up today..
paul took off to sydney,the kids were out ,
and ive been on a creative binge to fill in time .
heres the results..
firstly a cj entry for gran of 3 ..her theme sunsets.
a photo from my back door .
how sweet are these stamps smitten
thanks to georgina for lending me her set to have a play with
oh i think i need to get one of those jigs so the set themselves straight
eg pauls body is a bit askew~it was my first attempt though

challenge photo of the day

this is a 30 min challenge i took on today for a bit of fun
gosh i used to adore spy vs spy
.check out that totally sad haircut there bloggers...eeekkkkk

another cj
for the scrapbooking memories forum
the owner
the theme is "the girl in the mirror"

at least i was productive back to the table.

hope you all had a fabo weekend


Amy said...

Witchie Loving your fresh funky lo's. Your work never fails to insire me:-)

Michelle Jamieson said...

Awesome work, all your funky and colourful layouts!!

Glad you had a good weekend! :)

Chelle Xx

Malin said...

Beutiful Work!!! Absolutly Love the first one its so gorgeous!!!
Hope you had a great weekend!
Hugs Malin

Karoline Sigoldson said...

Tanks for the comment on my blog!:-)
The text is: "Don´t touch my girlfriend!".
I really like the LO:s you have created! Nice!
And the stamps! Soo cute and fun!

binrow said...

Gosh I wish I still had my Doc's they were the best pitty they fell apart!
Love all the cj's your do'in ATM.


RubyRox said...

The sunset, FROM THE BACK OF YOUR DOOR!! WOOOWWW what a lucky one!! its BEAUTIFUL! And those LO's are INCREDIBLE!! Absolutely STUNNING!! WOOOO!!!

Anonymous said...


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