Wednesday, November 21, 2007

day 131
an emily falconbridge card
and a cj entry

ive got the haircut my mother always wanted me to have ,
its just below my shoulders and its growing on
but she took off about 20cm and now its all curled up even more so its even shorter .
but boy it so much healthier,and doesnt look all shabby and nasty anymore
so my summer cut has happened and i think i need a few more days to warm to it bestie lisa didnt even notice,but all my work collegues were on to it straight away..i dont suppose it looks much different to most people ,but its certainley a big change for me..cause she cut off my hippy element,damn now ill just have to grow it back


Nicole said...

Love it, looks gorgeous, and it'll always grow back. I've got that love my long hair thing too. Still growing, and can't wait till it's bum length again.


binrow said...

Its beautiful and I wish I had hair like that!!
I think I'll just get somemore coloured hair extentions instead.


binrow said...

Oh all that lovely work wasn't there last night was it! Its awesome witchy.


Michelle Jamieson said...

I bet it feels short...especially someone who's known for her hair!! :) It always grows back!

Looks great!!

Awesome work as always, Witch!

Chelle Xx

Pamela said...

hay it must feel great and healthy,

I think from what I can see it looks great.

Can't wait too see it in real life.

Love Pam

kazzra said...

Anyone that knows you Lisa knows you for a child-like twinkle in your eye, huge smile, gr8 spirit, the way you look @ the world & your life, your many, many, many talents and a beautiful head of hair so no matter what lenght or colour of your hair we love you the way you are, dont ever change babe.