Saturday, November 17, 2007

a gift for todays birthday party

i asked asti to ask Tayla what she wanted for her birthday from astrid..
~now asti hasnt been to a birthday for tayla before ~
and tayla replied that she would like "some scrapped things from your mum"or money
....hey i appreciate the honesty of children,and their value of the all mighty dollar
...i think i have a reputation for scrap pressies now...heres the result...
i printed these pictures at 9.50...started scrapping at 10.15and finished at 11.40....
and walked out the door at 11.45..not bad for a rush effort...what do you think?
oh i've had these photos of Tayla are 2 years old from book week 2005 ,
but i've had them waiting for a reason to print ..
i just love her angelic look.hope she likes her 'scrapped things for her mum...
'AND $15..LOL
evy from a different angle
dad and daughter skaters


sets the line
the jump

lands it course
photo challenge pic
day 127
hope your having a fabo weekend folks .

and a big happy birthday to mirren and poppy


Jodie said...

oh beautiful presents :D
lucky little girl and talk about power scrapper you are!!!
LOVE those pics of paul skating, how much of a fun dad is he, doing power jumps with the girls, awesome, im jelous hehe.

thanks for sharing, and i love your beautiful shot :D

Augusti_73 said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving comments in my blog!
You can find the butterflies here:


miasmummy said...

Lisa, beautiful pressie, you are so inspiring to me!!!! Hey you won one of two RAK's on my blog, so look out for it in the next week or so! I was only 4 days late drawing it!!! xxx