Saturday, November 10, 2007

day 120

evy just loves insects and animals of all kinds,
she shared a few minutes with this tiger moth today.
it was performance night at
its so awesome watching the kids do there thang..
each of them have there own talents ,
but to see them work in this little troupe is cool
evy,taylah and sam
a few shots before the show
this is the TEMPLE GODDESS belly dancing troupe

taylahs mum ,deb and i...
we've been friends for years,our partners were in
DOGSBODY together .we had kids together ..
taylah and evy are 40 days apart ..
now that tay dances with the kids we see each
other every week ,which is awesome ..i love this chick...
she has the most wonderful spirit ,
and she reminds me of drew barrymore
love ya deb
photo of the day 120
title .....
hope your doing something fun this weekend !


Jodie said...

hi witchy!
beautiful photos, love that insect one.
and those dancers look so beautiful :)

hope you are having a great weekend!!


Pamela said...

looks like the brackets and jam was fun still yet to get to one.

Go print some new photos girl and that may inspire you..

Ps Don't forget you have had a very emotional week and are probably feeling drained (You can see this in your self portaits). Hope to see you on Tuesday.

Love Pam

Heids xx said...

Oh how I love your blog witch!! I would love to have you do a photo shoot for us one day! yunno family portraits :-D . Contemplation is GORGEOUS!!!!

XXX & hugs!!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Great pics of the girls' belly dancing troupe! Love their beautiful and colourful outfits!

Chelle Xx