Tuesday, November 13, 2007

DAY 123
today we said goodbye to our
wonderful mother,grandmother and friend MARIE.
may she be embraced in god arms and be greeted by
her beloved family in heaven.
we loved you so much Marie
and from todays service ,so did many,many more people
here a few wonderful shots taken today by .evy,glen and myself .
a family shot ,thanks Lesley.

Marie's Nieces WENDY AND LESLEY with my gorgeous two

..dont ya love astis find...a discarded egg from the tree we were under
this wonderful man.is father KENNEDY .came out of retirement to perform todays ,very well planned ~by marie and the amazing john deveroux~,service .he spoke so personally,with great understanding ,he knew Marie for the 8 years he was posted at ST Cecelias church,Wyong..truely this was the most personal service i have ever been too.thanks to Lesley,Wendy,Kathy,Karen,Evangeline and Astrid for speaking at the service.also to Pauline C,Maries dear friend for her gospel reading also...i was so proud of my family . the four sisters..maries nieces..janet,wendy,lesleyand kathy.thanks for all your love warmth and family spirit that you share with me..i'll miss seeing you guys so much..stay close marshal girls..i love you

pauls cousins..from eldest to youngest .L-Rjanet,lesley,wendy,greg,brian(pauls brother),david ,paul,kathy,karen
pauls family.

this is maries sisters family..DAD George with his 4 girls,and 2 sons.
kathys kids are alsoin the shot

evy and i at the wake

our gorgeous 2 ,with their freshly braided hair..thanks kelly!

one last cuppa for marie....this was on the table when i walked in..thansk to the amazing women of the st cecelias care group who created an amazing spread for the wake..marie would have thought this day was such a wonderful day,with all her family and friends around ..
thanks to all my forum friend who sent words of love and comfort.
i really appreciate your words and sentiment.


Michelle Jamieson said...

I'm so glad it all went well for you. Looks like a beautiful day down there.
Great photos...a very special day for your beloved Marie.

Chelle Xx

Nicole said...

sounds like the service was beautiful. and all those gorgeous family snaps,

hope you all feel some peace soon hun


Pamela said...

You got some really great shots Lisa and it looked like a lovely send off for Marie.........

Bet you are feeling sad not gettin your nightly phone call.