Saturday, June 23, 2007


Pauls cousin LESLEY ventured up our way a few weeks ago and bought her new camera with her...
imagine my suprise when she opened the carry bag to reveal the canon could i resist but snap a few piccys off after she so kindly offered me to have a go ....well i recieved the disc in the mail this week and was so happy with the results...i'm sold,i have some cash saved and im going to wait and see if end of finacial year deals net a bigger camera ..i cant wait.........i have a wedding to shoot at the end of the year so hopefully i'll be practiced up by then...listen to me ..i dont even have it yet !


Michelle Jamieson said...

Georgeous photos, Lisa! :)

Chelle Xx

Melissa said...

you will LOVE the Canon Lisa...LOVE these pics of your gorgeous girls!
Little stunners!

Nicole said...

You have the most photogenic daughters anyway, would love to get a new camera too. ONE DAY!!!

They are beautiful photos

Nicole Hinrichs said...

I have the canon d400 too and you will absolutely love it. It is my 3rd baby haha. love those pics.
nicole hinrichs

Jodie said...

your daughters are just gorgeous
and their mum is so talented, especially taking pics.
just stunning!!!