Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hey there cyber freaks...
its day 288 today of the 365 day self portrait challenge ..i thought i'd get it in so called early today..as i neeeeeeed to scrap tonight to finish a commision piece for sm...just have a lil journalling to do and it'll be done...theres a sneak peak at the end of this post ...(which i just took down)cause im not really sure if i can give peeks ,thanks for the encouragement.......................
but firstly ,shit ,i have to clean my table first,just look at this mess..eeewwwww

this is something ive been working on .
it has all the photos from dance fever a few weeks ago.

hope you had a fun day !.


Anonymous said...

I am so ready for it Lisa :)

SOOOO can't wait to see my fave Witchy published :)

You rock, have an awesome night of scrapping :)

Maz xx

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

oh wow witchy I can't wait to see what you've been commissioned to do for sm..... As you know I totally love your work you are sooooo inspirational... hey isn't it amazing when we get creative we make such an organised mess!!!! :}
happy scrappy to you from Scrapaholic'tine in Sunny Darwin.

Louise said...

Your so terribly cruel,.... leading me on like that LOL, I too so cant wait to see the awsome SW in print!!!!

Lou xxx

PS Huge huge thank you for your SIS Luven!

Nicole said...

LOL, i think you've been and taken a photo of my desk, i'm hanging my head in shame, it's a sty.

wish I could of seen your sneaky. but oh well it'll be in print soon though.


fulviab.blogspot.com said...

seems my work area!:)