Sunday, April 13, 2008

day 272
im well are you all.
its been a relaxing home weekend.
didnt do much scrapping...
i think i did more procrastinating.
oh and you do!
I did how ever manage to pull together these pieces...
this one is for michelle
her cj in the poppysmum cj swap
before it was an ad ,operator please were pumping out this fab track..
hope you like it chelle..ive added the disc for you to rock out with
.....hehheehehehehhe....rock on folks....
cause,you dont always GET WHAT YOU WANT !!

and 2 layouts for embellished .'IN MY SKIN 'CHALLENGE.this week its your chest.

well this layout caused a wave of water works from dd2
who didnt want me to do this layout ,let alone show it to the forum
ladies at embellished.let alone my blog would have thought
the world had come to an end ....
but today ,she is over it ,and she likes it too...
so i get to share .yay

i did this layout because of the drama the heredity

page i have 2 breats pun intended

what more can i say.


Sar said...

Awwww, thats just too funny Witchy!! Poor Asti, glad she is over it now. Love both the layouts, they rock!


Ali said...

haha. lovin this lisa- your are so awesome!! those LO rock!!

Anonymous said...

Can't say I blame her.... poor Astrid.... Wonderful wonderful scrapping... Love Chelles Cj xxx said...

Wow you were inspired by this weekend! How many things you product?
Bravissima ( well done)

Skye M J said...

Hahaha this is a classic!
I have a photo of me at about Asti's age with my mums bra on my head... hmm, bit embrassing!
You are both an inspired and inspiring scrapper! I love reading your blog!