Monday, April 21, 2008

day 280...85 to go yipee....
so this arvo i raced over to the entrance to
catch up with JamieR from scrapbooking memories forum.
i had to drop off 2 cj that i was late with ...sorry Jai..
just had to get them to you...dont want to hold that swap up...
then it was down to the foreshore to watch the pelican feeding at 3.30
plus grab a cold rock ice cream
vanilla and clinckers for evy
mint choc and mint slice for asti
and chocolate and cherry ripe for me...mmmm yummmmy.
a lil food shopping on the way home and ive already
chopped the vegies for the stir-fry tonight...
i have to go and get mum from work ,cook dinner,then sit down
to my commision ,that arrived from SM today,yay yay yay..
its a freestyle kaiser album,and i cant wait to get stuck into it ...
but first ,heres a few layouts from last night ....
oh mojo ,where are ya

shots from the pelican feeding

cold rock ...yummmmmmmmmm

i think i need to go here for lunch ,anyone want to come !!!


Ruby Claire. said...

I think your mojo's rokin!
Love the LO's, especially the 2nd one! And your photography mojo is racing too! LOVELy shots!
have a GREAt day!

Yillup said...

I'll come have a bite to eat at the mojo cafe sometime! Haven't seen it at The Entrance before - I'll have to keep my eyes open next time I'm there!

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

Hiya Scrapwitch... great pages again... Boy how I would love to pop by and have lunch and meet you in person....BUT Darwin is just a bit far away...oh well enjoy and let us know what it is like!!!! Happy scrapping to you Scrapaholic 'tine

Melissa said...

Love those pelican shots lisa!!!!
I'd love to do lunch!!!!

virginiaw said...

Me!! Me!!! Book the table..I'm there.Double Mojo to go!!!
Love the photos too!!

Lauren said...

I have no idea what your talking about, your mojo is fine!
Your an awesome scrapper!
I should come down soon! I need to get Chloes pics printed out at that chemist! We should set a date!

Donna said...

Hey girl - your Pelli photos are absolutely beautiful - what a wonderful peaceful subject to photograph. And I'm with the others - your MOJO never takes a holiday - maybe you're in a momentary funk - that's all! Love your journals over at SM - they're delish!

Nicole said...

love all the pelicans, and your pages. BIGGEST YAY to you too, a SM commission. About bloody time.

I know what you mean about Mojo though, mine's only just started to come back to me, after about three months.


Hope you are well. Was thinking about you the other day.

Skye M J said...

No Mojo! Pffft is all I have to say about that!
I always forget to comment on your blog, cos I get too caught up in looking at all of the pretties!