Thursday, April 03, 2008

evening folks ,,here's my daily pic.

263 today,yippee..nearly down to the hundred countdown..

so i'm posting late tonight ,because the girls ,have been dancing up a storm .
there a program running thru the school system ,where some dancers come in and teach the kids 3 dances and then its an interschool comp with local catholic schools.
the girls have been dancing up a storm over the last few weeks..
and tonight was the comp was a fabulous school moral builder.for all the schools who participate .and the girls both made it to the finals ...
heres a pletora of pics ...

evy's partner is Zac,who lives close to us...
he's a cool kid ,very enterprising
(he's alway doing odd jobs around the place .
he'll mow your lawn for $20_and he does a good job too)

they danced up a storm....congrats on making it to the finals of the Tango

here's asti and her partner Jake ...a hansome youg lad .a killer on the dance floor...i give him props for the props .the made it to both the Tango and Jive finals .

they danced together wonderfully

i just want to add that all these pics are on a manual digital setting.with no flash and i know there not that fantastic,but inside night shots are hard to capture in a large space ,from far away_i love the 75 -30mm lens .and im finding using my camera so much easier by going manual..i rarely ,if ever use the automatic setting :)


Ali said...

wow lisa those pics are amazing-awesome job on the manual- im still learning my camera!! im sure it gets easier?? evie and asti looks like they should be on dancing with the stars- so cute!! love it!!

Tara said...

These pics are awesome lisa, I love the mood you captured in the third one up.
Looks like the girls are having a great time :-)

Melissa said...

Such young ladies - all dressed up and dancing......oh so sweet Lisa!