Wednesday, May 23, 2007

mojo ...mojo ,where are you???

i feel like i've lots ideas,but transfering them to paper is another thing all together.

so atm i feel like im bashing away and knocking my creative head against a brick wall
oh what to do..time off from scrapping..i dont think so ,i'll think i need a motivation spell
or some new product or photos
heres my latest two..the ballon page didnt come out like exactly as i'd hoped it would...but you get that...lucky ive printed a few of them,may have to give it another go
and the rock chick layout was a bit of slap happy scrap.!

and boy cant you tell...Evy insited that i do a rock page
for her, as she really liked astrids page...
its the middle of the week ..
scrap night on friday and........ come on the weekend!
comments most welcome


nikkihelen said...

Witchy woman.........if you have lost your mojo hun....there's no hope for the rest of us!! You're still weaving that majic from what I can see!!

Nicole said...

your pages are just gorgeous, butI know what your talking about with the lost mojo, the way i'm feeling today, i was going to pack up everything and send it to mum, have no inspiration, no motivation and everything just seems to look like crap, send me up the mojo spell cause i definitly need it at the moment. sorry for the big long saga but it just needed to tell someone, maybe i should have just posted in my blog hey???

Melissa said...

These a fab. can just turn your hand to any style - one moment sweet and whimsical the next teen punk rock chick!!! tooooo clever!

Mel Connell said...

I am so there myself, I wonder if it's cos I have been doing alot of looking at other people's work in recent weeks, or if it really is just the other side of the hill. But I love these, their great. Must go find that mojo of mine. Maybe its in the back shed?

Louise said...

Missing MOJO - Bull!! - [lol]. Your LO's are to cool!!! as Always!!!!