Saturday, July 05, 2008

day 353
im telling ya wasnt good .!!!!!
so glad i had something to lookl forward to an afternoon scrap with my local scrap buddies and a couple of blow ins from campbelltown and a few from brisvegas..
yippe what a fun million thanks to our fabulous hosts PAM AND ROB...thanks for the yummy dinner ,super company and chat fest!...a huge thanks to DANNY AND MEGAN for allowing and bringing ruby and gloria to us..we are so glad to finally meet them,,we all hope we can do it again someday stoked to see all my scrap buddies around again...leanne always lovely to see you ..kylie speed scrap queen,thanks for those yummy quiches...lucy delish soup.mmmmmmmmmmrobyn so glad to have you down here with us ..see ya in the morning for breakyjai lets scrapmore.and georgie and i are still scrappin...havent started that album yet ..but im on to it now.jodes,ayesha and loz..hope see ya next time...

ruby ,gloria,asti and georgia
me ruby pam and robyn
all the lil girls
daily pic 353


Yillup said...

Hahahahaha, the REAL HM isn't that great! A fake one must have been torture!

Thanks for putting up all the photos! I'll have to steal a couple...

Pamela said...

Great piccys lisa, HM looks like a tranny ??????

Anonymous said...

Yeah Its Was 0k..But She Like Needed Time To Warm Up
&& She Wasnt As Good As The Real Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus


Melissa said...

Fab photos of all those wonderful creative chickies!
Wish I was there! LOL!

I am... said...

haha she kind of looks alot older, and not as cutesy??? haha
im sorry u had to go thru it, but yeah at least u had fun after!!
love those pics, thanks for sharing


parkergal17 said...

Looks like a great scrapping booking day was had by all.

I also wanted to let you know that I have given you an award on my blog.

Donna said...

Aww - you lucky thing! I wanna play too - gotta get these west aussies in their cars up to visit me here!!!! Let's see what you scrapped now Witchy!
PS: still can't get that little thingo off your blog???

Skye M J said...

That Hannah Montana looks like a Trannie!

Oh my god!

So glad ou girls had such a great time at the scrap day! Im v v jealous!