Wednesday, July 23, 2008

howdy bloggers...!!
did ya miss me...
i've had a wonderful break from my year long blog and photo fest.
and im so glad thats over...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this weekend ive been in a cleaning frenzy.spring cleaning hit early this year .
so for 3 and a half days i basically did nothing but clean.
i didnt even scrap(did ya read that !)
on monday the gorgeous binrow aka robyn ,arrived on her way back up the coast.
with 3 adoreable so missing you already,and you only left 3 hours ago.
now i have a super small house. 2 bedrooms..
it was kind of cramped ,but we made the best of it.

the girls got down to some serious performance.

the kids bedroom slept 6.evy and kalin top bunk,

robyn had asti's bed,asti ,erin and regan on the mattress on the floor


YvetteDownunder said...

Hey, weird quesion for you: are the curtains in your girl's room purple with gold dragonflies? Cos they really look like the ones I made for my lounge room!!!!!

Georgia}]............ said...

hey lisa
i missed you
im i coming to your house this weekend case mums going to america on thursday so if i am allowed im going to have to organise transport arhhhhhhh

love g

Pamela said...

Glad your back looks like you had a great time with Binrow.


parkergal17 said...

It's great to see you back. Even though you had a full house it looks like the kids had a ball. Sounds like you had fun spring cleaning. I really need to do some myself.

VirginiaW said...

Hey Chook..Missed ya..good to have ya back..Could do with some spring cleaning here at Azkaban if ya got the time...Loving that LO...

Fulvia said...


Donna said...

So glad to see a post - I was getting worried there for a moment! It seems that this year has been a great one for catching up with scrap buddies eh! I'm so jealous! But looks like you all had a ball. How boring to have a guest house anyway - pile 'em in I say - it's way more fun that way! So now the portrait challenge is finished - what's next for our Witchy?????

Anonymous said...

That looks like SO much fun! Isn't if funny how much room you can make when you need to!? Gina
ps...congrats on the break,too!

Binxcat1 said...

I LOVE that pic of them all snuggled up... you are growing happy childhood memories there!

Congrats on the 365 challenge... you did yourself proud chickie. BUT... I'm with Donna... what's next on the scrapping agenda for our witch?

Miyyah said...

Hi! thanks for dropping by my blog.

Hope you don't mind seeing your lo in my blog. It's actually one of the challenges done at a local scrapping forum and it shows yr layout as an example. Everybody loved it!

Always love your other layouts too and I think you are one great scrapper (I'm still a newbie :)


A Passion For Craft said...

The lovely witch!
Just browsing your work it is just so awesome you are an inspiration!

Renee said...

Awesome work as always!

Wow - the year long photo quest! Are you going to do a LO with the piccies? Well maybe the top 50 or something! WOuld look great done in the mini prints. . yanno the ones only about 3x4cms??

LOVE the piccie of the kids all bundled up in the one room. Reminds me of nights we had cousins sleep over, even though we had one more bedroom then you. . we all HAD to be in the one room! hehe

xx Renee