Saturday, July 12, 2008

day 360 ...yippee...
can you beleive that i wear red for work all week and this morning i put it on .
ive been scrappin this weekend with my friend ,
who is the ripe young age of 16...well she has been inspiring me
to get some stuff done...but before i show you mine ,i wanted to share a layout
she did last night ,of my lil boo boo awesome are her whiskers...wire whiskers...amazing georgie..,dont forget to check her out folks...
i remember when she was a lil baby,her and her twin jesse are
the most gorgeous of young ladies..and now whe is scrapping
up a storm with me .i feel like i've got a protege ,but i think she
is teaching me more, that im giving her
thanks georgie

isnt it super cute ?

my brother was up for a flying visit today...
so great to catch up with you all ,
sorry i didnt get to barbs ...
love these pics


THIS is a piece ive been working on for ages...
finally got a chance to finish the cover..
lovely and bright
i have so many layouts to put in albums...i need inlays desperately
here's my layouts from today and last night

have a scrappin good weekend


Jaimie R said...

Lisa, LOVE this stuff, how good is Georgie?? Wire whiskers, I would have never thought of doing that. Do you think it's possible to outgrow creativity? Ruby has it in bucketloads too!

LOVE the pic of you today, it'a really good one. It shows your gorgeous soul in your eyes I think :)

Love this lot of work. It made me happy xoxox

Pamela said...

Looks like your having a scrapping goodtime.......


I am... said...

wow dont the cousins all look alike! easily pass as siblings!

and omg tell georgie i think shes the best, wire whiskers..........i am SO lifting that idea someday!!!!!