Thursday, July 17, 2008

day 365

finally its over...yippee...that final shot/s were taken this arvo,by miss evy,
who seems a lil over taking shots atm...mmm i wonder why ..
but before you see my final shot(no thats not it )
heres a layout ..inspired by FULVIA in Italy who was showcasing some digi layouts and had a faux hambly type overlay(but it wasnt~you know the wonders of digi)
so anyway i was super inspired and my next scrap session produced this...
i used a small bowl over the photo and ten slapped down some paint..
im loving the effect and i cant wait to try different shapes and colours..
what do you think?
oh and as i was scrappin i was thinnking to myself about how
random my layouts are at the moment .
in turn i have now coined the phrase(if it hasnt already been coined)
RANDOM SCRAPPER.. because thats what i am!

miss asti was playin on the back verandah ,taking time to get over her yearly coldsore
ok cyber friends...i really couldnt decide,so ive decided
to put my favs up from today..
thanks to all who encouraged me along to way to keep going at
this challenge .
im so happy to have so many wonderful photos of myself
i encourage everyone to give this challenege a go...
for a week ,a month or a year.

if you drop by today please leave me a comment .
peace and love to you all.


Ali said...

yay! am i the first to comment?? CONGRATS witchy! that takes awesome determination to finish the 365 challenge, and you know what? u rocked at it! congrats again! love the last photos! oh and your lO rocks too- love the painted effect!

Ruby Claire. said...

LUVVIN the LO too!!!
So your next challenge... peice of art a day?? **hint, hint* hehe

Lauren said...

Awesome effort Witch! I remember the day you started it!
I agree with Ruby....
365 day layout challenge!!

Yillup said...


I LOVE that pic of your eye. Very very cool.

virginiaw said...

Babe your a star !!!!...Love the paint circle...Love everything you do....You totally rocked the 365 challenge..You just ROCK chickie!!

Nanny_leilz said...

CONGRATS Witchy!! WOW 365days down already! Fabulous work not missing a single day & thanks for sharing all the photos! :)

Jaimie R said...

CONGRATS Lisa, You totally ROCK! What a great achivement. You have so many gorgeous photos of yourself, it's really great challenge. You have cetrtainly inspired me to take a LOT more pics of myself, and not just to always be behind the lens..

Fulvia said...

congrats lisa!!! i love everything you do!!!!very cool and original...kisses

I am... said...

huge congrats witchy, im so proud of you!!!
and wow what an effort hey!!

love the new lo, and poor asti, coldsores are a bitch, i get them alll the time.


elle said...

congrats on getting the courage to take a photo of yourself EVERYDAY for the last year! what an achievement!!

Pamela said...

Go the Witch!!! I am really stoked that you did it. You should feel really proud of yourself.........

Are you giving yourself a day off or are you on to the next challenge.



Mel Connell said...

Yay you made it Witchy!!! I am in awe of your commitment! I don't think I could have done it!

unicorns80 said...

Massive congrats to you Witchy!!!
You really are an inspiration to everyone. Well done mate you really do ROCK!!!!
Love your pics and your "randomness" in your LO's
All the best
Leonie xx

Georgia}]............ said...

i love you.
your work.
your mind.
your energy.

finally its done, wat ever will you do now with all that spare time )))) i have a feeling i no the answer (((( scrappppppppppp

byclops said...

What an accomplishment!!!

Cassie said...

I LOVE the random scrappiness!!!!
Those skateboards are fabulous.

Aimee said...

very awesome on the 365. i love the photos you put up today and your latest layout is incredible!


Lori said...

Love your photos!!!! Not to mention a super great lo!!

Heather said...

congrats on the 1 year. i love the paint around the bowl technique you used on this lo. very cool!

kiwi said...

Well done! You inspire me. I love, love, love your LO and photos.
If I feel down I check out your blogg
it always brightens my day.
Thanks for sharing.

miasmummy said...

Leaving you some love! Such an achievement, I bet there were some days when you couldn't be bothered but still uploaded that photo!! Don't leave it tooooo long between posts, I'll miss you!! xxxx

Deb G said...

Oh my gracious....well done!!! Awesome achievement!!
LOVE the "bowl" painting effect...sounds like fun to me!!!
Oh..and just to top it off.. I tagged you...please dont hurt me!!! youll have to visit me!!

Sares said...

I can't believe it! One whole year's worth of shots - congratulations! You're an inspiration Lisa.
Sares x

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo Witchy... your such a stayer and a wonderful wonderful person, to take on the challenge and stick to it.... BEAUTIFUL xxx

I love that your so random in your style (but really I feel they are all you each layout your do) xxx they are lovely eye candy regardless of the style you call your work... It all rocks xxx

I think I will miss seeing you each day :(

YvetteDownunder said...

I so admire what you have done! You deserve a special treat! Maybe a portrait???

Natalia said...

i like the way you use your paint, seems effortless and the colors that you use (the colors that i would never have the guts to use on my LO ><)!! Daring..bold

Jbsmum said...

Congrats on finishing the 365 day challenge !!

Your LO`s are rocking atm !!