Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i know ,i know ,i'm early ,but im trying to tackle things
as soon as i think of them.
so this is day 185,of the self portrait challenge .
miss evy is official photographer today.
asti's out with miss riley for the day ,
paul's taking Evy ,while i go to work....
i mean someone has to actually go to work...right????
mmmmmmmm,not impressed!
heres a layout i completed last night


RubyRox said...

Hey withcy! LOVE this LO! Dont ya just LOVE those flowers! You can do anything with them!
There is 2 years different between Gloria and I. Im 13 and she is 11 =-] I was telling mum about you asnd your family and she asked where you lived. It would be so awesome if we could meet up one day! Evy and Asti sound awesome as do you! :) Thanks for all your comments! xoxo

RubyRox said...

Whoops sorry about the spelling mistakes!

Pamela said...


i love that layout. I bet it was the monster that stagnated your mojo! The monster looks great too and I am sure the sponsers will love it!

Going well with the photo challenge and how many great photos of yourself have you got.

PS Congratulations Evy, tell you mum to pull her finger out!

Heids xx said...

OMG I really like your Watersprite pic!! and OMG there is a BUTTERFLY on your page flying around!!!! wt?! I love it!!!!! mind if I get one for my page????

today's pic is lovely too Witch!!!

Melissa said...

Loving all your latest create such beauty!