Tuesday, January 29, 2008

day 198
and im nearly there...
200 days almost
then only 165 to go..hmmm
that doesnt sound that great,
but at this stage its still a personal feet,or is it feat?
scrapped this ,this afternoon,i've been thinking about Marie this weekend
and i wanted to writre something,which we all did,
so i had to make a layout ,to house them.....
here's a little detail

a pick of our lil boo


binrow said...

Woo Hoo!!! only 165 days left, your awesome to be this committed witchy.


Ruby Claire. said...

WOO! 165 days left!! Good work witchy! LOVE this LO! The photo is such a super photo! I think boo should do the 365 day challenge. Very photogenic lil kitty!! hehe

lil witch said...

yeah i think Boo should do the 365day challenge. what a good idea Ruby.
lovin the pics