Sunday, January 27, 2008

day 196
its my mums birthday today
a big happy birthday to barb,
hope you had a wonderful day mum...we love you..
my brother and his family came up today from the big smoke.
with the glorious summer weather(not to humid,yay)
what better way to fill the day but in the pool
still no on a hiatus ,self imposed..
heres some pics from todays activities ...

their was a bit of this going on.

the cousins.... after launch at mum's and some splashing around,

we had an afternoon date at Ava's another swim,this time the mermaids where about

(evy so wants a mermaid canvas )and a skate ......

look at this no shoes and no safety equipement
she still cuts a mean line

my man in action .

have a fab public holiday tomorrow


miasmummy said...

Hey babe, why no scrapping, you are my inspiration when I can't scrap!! Haha, I'm not into it at the moment, just happy to sit in the couch at night and read.... xxx

Melissa said...

Awesome summer pics lisa...
gosh your girls are gorgeous!
GO MUSE for number one!!!JJJ all the way!

Ruby Claire. said...

WOOOWWW loving those new photos! And yesturdays photos!
Looks like everyone had a FBAULOUS time! :D