Sunday, January 13, 2008

day 182
how bloody hot was it today..
yuck..did you know that i hate summer ,with a passion.!!!
i really dont like the comes from my years working as a chef ,
and sweating in the kitchen ,during peek season summer..YUCK ,
im getting a migraine just thinking about it .
so of course ,what do you do on a hot day like today..
freakin hide .and then about 4pm go for a swim..
today we visited Jo,Nathan,Caitlyn and Tristan.
the kids had a very refreshing dip in the pool,while i snapped some shots
here's some to share with you

caitlyn and tristan
a crazy family pic
butter wouldnt melt in his mouth
Nathans a wiz on the BBq
these 2 know how much i love a steak,and how im sorely
deprived here in my vegetarian/white meat household.
so they never fail to feed me up on some quality fare...yummm
hostess Jo and myself
daily selfportrait shot .
day 182
one for you jodie
asleep in asti's nightie

ive had a commission in the last few weeks and i finally
completed it last night ........
they provided the canvas .the subject is miss riley ,who is 9 and is a
natioanally ranked barefoot waterski champ..its pics of her skiing,with
her team mates and being interviewed..
its being given to her sponsor..williams...
its a huge canvas
(paul dubbed it" the wall")~bigger than the monster Pam!
and it had to include newspaper clippings (which i laminated )
and its very witchy in scrap style ..heheheeee.


Amy said...

Love your pics lisa! They are stunning!
That canvas!!!! WOWeeeeeeeeeeee! Its amazing! I love it to bits!
Have a great week;-)

jodie said...

OH those pics are AMAZING, you have such an eye for detail.
i always thought you were a veg too, at least you have your friends to feed you up hehe.

oh and boo, you are a little cutie pie.
i wanna snuggle you :)
my cats are "starving to death" (yes right) because they havnt been fed since 3am and have run out of food so i better get going to grab a bus


Michelle Jamieson said...

Awesome pics...I can just about smell those steaks!! YUM!!

Awesome canvas. Looks fabulous, in true Witchy style!!

Chelle Xx

Gallery 12 said...

Hey WP - what an amazing piece of art that is! I wouldn't know where to start - I bet she loved it! Oh - and totally am there with Cheele - my mouth is watering looking at those steaks!

Louise said...

Brilliant Canvas Creation WTG!! :)xxx