Thursday, January 17, 2008

day 186
what serenity ,can i see thru my canon lens.
its nearly time to upload for the
week 3
serenity theme...
dont forget to pop over on the weekend to
vote for your fav pic..
oh and ive been tagged from a bunch of people ..
so here it is folks.
7 random facts
1.dr martins boots and havinianas are my shoe of choice for all seasons
2. i dont drink plain milk..eeekkkk
3.i found out my aunty was in fact my nanna ,when i was 18.
4.i played netball for 10 years
5.i started work at the age of 13
6.i have travelled to 37 world locations
7.when i'm 50 i want to do an arts degree


Anonymous said...

Love that piratey looking pic!

The gallery is looking awesome, yeh!

Cant wait to see them all up!


RubyRox said...

PRETTYYY picture!
I love reading peoples interesting facts!
It makes you realise how much you dont know about the person! =-]

binrow said...

That is awesome witchy!! Gosh you rock!!
And thanks so much I had so forgot all about it!!