Saturday, January 05, 2008

day 175
GEEZ ,its great to type that 175 days
ive been at the self portrait challenge for 175 days.yippee.
im only 8 days away from half way...that doesn't sound that great
but its definately an achievement ...for me anyway ..
that also means ive een blogging solidly for that period too..
i've never been able to keep a diary ,so that also for me is a bit of a bonus...
so glad to see RUBY AND HIEDI joining the challenge ,
good luck girls ,ill be by to see your pix everyday ..
Today i had a visit from a very special connected soul.
the wonderful Lanae and my gorgeous godchild Ashley.
i was blessed to meet darling Gabriella for the first time.
Lanae ,once lived around here ,previously from Sydney ,
we connected when she was living on the coast ,
and now she is back in Sydney,we have both missed seeing each other..
todays visit was a real treat.heres a few pics to share with you.
time with mummy
big sis Ashley steals a kiss
ohhps,i promise i didnt make her cry!
she's hungry
gorgeous Gabriella
Lanae ,Gabriella,Boo and myself


Pamela said...

What a beautiful baby!!! and god mummy too!!!

Looks like you had a fun day.

Love Pam

kazzra said...

OMG...i didnt know Lanae was havin another bub, i cant belive how good she looks.... both Lanae and Ashley look the same as last time i saw them. The pix are beautiful, as always. Im so glad you were able to have the special time with Lanae i know how much you miss her in your life on a daily basis. Hope to scrap with ya soon, Kaz

RubyRox said...

What BEAUTIFUL photos!
What fun you must have had!
Thanks for linking me =]
hope you have agreat day!
Scrapping planned for me- if i ever get off this computer!