Wednesday, January 09, 2008

day 178
i played with this layout last night,,but im feeling a little scrap flat !
ill just keep plodding alone til something comes.

isn't she a charmer?


Donna said...

Hey you! Ilike it! What brand is that frame - or is it one of your bus stamp thingos? Would love to get my hands on one of those little darlins! Thanks for the chat other night - great to catch up with ya. Daily photos are rockin' along - good on you for keeping it going!

RubyRox said...

i LOVE that LO!
No mojo? Really? it looks like you have it! i like this one! The photos adorable too! Love the day photo too! Have you got braids? :)

binrow said...

She is a killer!!


Heids xx said...

OMG witch. just when I fall in love with your style, you go and make it bettr!! is that even possible!!!???
hehehe...much love to you...btw I have tagged ya babe!! hehehe see my bloggy ;)

Astrostar said...

What can I say Witchy you are a scrappin goddess!!!! I love this layout. Where did you get your PP from? I love it!