Wednesday, January 02, 2008

day 173
of the self portrait challenge
and a few pics from my lazy day.
the kids and i have had a quiet day,hanging at home.
Evy is a little unwell,so its been a good excuse to take it easy..
i got to finish the cj entry i started last night
and hang with me 2 favourite girlies.
slushies this arvo.yummo.
and im back into scrapping.
pauls at work tonight so its a girlie day all day

thie is an entry for ANNE MARIES cj..titled "LIFE IS GOOD".
I've headed down a different path than those in the journal,
any excuse to slash paint around the place ..
hope you like it anne marie,usually i delemia over these cj's.
but i knew exactly what i wanted when pam handed it to me on new years eve.
this one will now head off to DONSKI,along with maz's cj ,
which has been sitting at the front door packaged till i get some cash ,
with christmas it been a tall ask.
pay day is friday.
they will head off on friday,for sure .
this main photo above flips to reveal these two half pages .
im a sucker for interactive layouts


Gallery 12 said...

I can't wait to see this LO IRL - and nice to be after you too - so I get to be the first to have a peep! Do you have my addy? I'll email you 2night - haven't had any yet so this will be gr8. Sounds like you had a lovely day - good for you! Nothing better than to feed the soul with a girlie day. Thanks for all your comments too lately WP - very much appreciated XX DK

Jodie said...

hey witch, love those pics, the girly day sounds like it was fun, mmm slushies are the best drink around.

love your work, your awesome as always!!
hope dd gets better soon!!

Gallery 12 said...

Hey WP can you believe we're nearly at 1000 hits over at the Gallery already? Amazing!

binrow said...

How about sending some good weather this way, Please!! We still had fun though hatching Regan's sea monkeys.


Scrappylicious said...

luv the cj lo witchy :)
I have tagged you - check my blog for details...

Binxcat1 said...

OM Freakin' Godess... WITCH that page is simply stunning, and very uplifting... all that colour and feel good vibe is just what I need atm chickie, thank you from the bottom of my heart... I too am a sucker for interactive LOs ;)... this is just PERFECT thank you so so so so much! I LOVE IT!

nikkihelen said...

Love the interactive pages....insprational as usual....loving your work!!

Sandie said...

Great work Scrapwitch............I simply adore all of your work......its very funky and vibrant....well done....luv Sandie

Michelle Jamieson said...

Very cool layout, Witchy! Can't wait to see it IRL...I'm after Donski!!

Chelle Xx